Farwell Elementary
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Farwell Elementary Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-465-6500 | Fax: 509-465-6520 | Attendance Line: 509-465-6584 (24hrs)

Principal: Josh VanCleef josh.vancleef@mead354.org 509-465-6510
Principal Assistant: Erin O'Connor erin.oconnor@mead354.org 509-465-6535

Principal's Administrative Assistant:

Lisa Gfeller lisa.gfeller@mead354.org 509-465-6502

First Name

Last Name


Work Email

Phone- 509-465-

Carmel Adams 5th Grade Teacher carmel.adams@mead354.org 6566
Katie Bagdon Kindergarten Teacher
katie.bagdon@mead354.org 6563
Madison Backlund Specialist Support madison.backlund@mead354.org 6500
Meg Baker 1st Grade Teacher meg.baker@mead354.org 6550
Tess Baldwin SPED Resource Room Teacher
tess.baldwin@mead354.org 6556
Julia Becker 1st Grade Teacher julia.becker@mead354.org 6552
Karen Bocksch-Jose 4th Grade Teacher karen.bocksch-jose@mead354.org 6500
Chris Bontrager Physical Education Teacher
chris.bontrager@mead354.org 6536
Rebecca Boyd Para Educator rebecca.boyd@mead354.org 6500
Sabrina Byington 2nd Grade Teacher sabrina.byington@mead354.org 6560
Julia Carrell School Psychologist julia.carrell@mead354.org 7631
Kim Clark Educational Specialist kim.clark@mead354.org 7614
Stephanie Covell 3rd Grade Teacher stephanie.covell@mead354.org 6539
Allison Cowart School Nurse allison.cowart@mead354.org 6534
Keelin Daniels 1st Grade Teacher keelin.daniels@mead354.org 6500
Amanda Davis 3rd-4th Grade Teacher amanda.davis@mead354.org 6540
Jennifer Dibble Resource Room Teacher
jenny.dibble@mead354.org 6562
Anna Downs Para Educator anna.downs@mead354.org 6500
Christian Eaton Combo Support christian.eaton@mead354.org 6500
Cyndi Ervin 4th Grade Teacher cyndi.ervin@mead354.org 6558
Sara Ferris LAP Teacher sara.ferris@mead354.org 6554
Lisa Gfeller Principal's Administrative Assistant lisa.gfeller@mead354.org 6502
Greta Hale Kindergarten Teacher greta.hale@mead354.org 6545
Amy Hegwood ELD Teacher
amy.hegwood@mead354.org 6500
Jackie Henkle Para Educator jackie.henkle@mead354.org 6500
Amy Hill Occupational Therapist amy.hill@mead354.org 7600
Shelly Hughbanks Manager II shelly.hughbanks@mead354.org 6515
Michelle Ives 5th Grade Teacher michelle.ives@mead354.org 6564
Courtney Kelley 5th Grade Teacher courtney.kelley@mead354.org 6567
Aaron Kelp DS Custodian 2 aaron.kelp@mead354.org 370-0532
Jonathan Klins Para Educator jonathan.klins@mead354.org 6500
Kaylen Kociela 3rd Grade Teacher kaylen.kociela@mead354.org 6500
Brenda Lacey-Scholze Speech/Language Pathologist brenda.lacey@mead354.org 6568
Nicole Leonard 3rd Grade Teacher nicole.leonard@mead354.org 6500
James Maki SS Custodian 2 james.maki@mead354.org 6500
Danett Margaris Social Worker danett.margaris@mead354.org 6525
Teri Malinak Cook II teri.malina@mead354.org 6515
Jane McCcarville LAP Teacher
jane.mccarville@mead354.org 6500
Carolee McCaslin Para Educator carolee.mccaslin@mead354.org 6514
Suzette McGonigal LAP Teacher suzette.mcgonigal@mead354.org 6548
Natalie McKenna 4th Grade Teacher natalie.mckenna@mead354.org 6562
Emily McPeek Kindergarten Teacher emily.mcpeek@mead354.org 6500
Mary Molan Para Educator mary.molan@mead354.org 6500
Michael Moore Para Educator michael.moore@mead354.org 6500
Bette Monahan Para Educator bette.monahan@mead354.org 6500
Donn Nelson Teacher of Deaf & Hard of Hearing donn.nelson@mead354.org 7600
Laura Nelson 2nd Grade Teacher laura.nelson@mead354.org 6553
Erin Nosbaum Building Administrative Assistant erin.nosbaum@mead354.org 6501
Erin O'Connor Principal Assistant
erin.oconnor@mead354.org 6535
Katie Patry Physical Therapist katie.patry@mead354.org 7600
Nancy Phillips Library IT Specialist nancy.phillips@mead354.org 6514
Jenny Price 2nd Grade Teacher jenny.price@mead354.org 6569
Nichole Proszek Para Educator nichole.proszek@mead354.org 6500
Kari Sand 2nd Grade Teacher karen.sand@mead354.org 6549
Cherish Schrader Kindergarten Teacher
cherish.schrader@mead354.org 6556
Susan Slaton Quest Teacher suzi.slaton@mead354.org 6123
Todd Snyder SS Custodian 2
todd.snyder@mead354.org 370-0532
Angella Southerly Para Educator angella.southerly@mead354.org 6500
Jesse Stephens Kindergarten Teacher
jesse.stephens@mead354.org 6547
Julie Stoker 4th Grade Teacher julie.stoker@mead354.org 6544
Brittney Stoyko 1st Grade Teacher brittney.stoyko@mead354.org 6500
Carolyn Sutton Para Educator carolyn.sutton@mead354.org 6500
Dave Turner Music Teacher dave.turner@mead354.org 6557
Josh VanCleef Principal josh.vancleef@mead354.org 6510
Heidi Vansickle 1st Grade Teacher heidi.vansickle@mead354.org 6551
Kristin Vincent LAP Teacher kristin.vincent@mead354.org 6561
Alex Williams Kindergarten Teacher alex.williams@mead354.org 6500
Mary Wilner Teacher of the Visually Impaired
mary.pfannenstielwil@mead354.org 7612
Frank Wintersteen Para Educator frank.wintersteen@mead354.org 6500
Mary Zemke 1st Grade Teacher
marybeth.zemke@mead354.org 6553